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A bit of backstage history.


One morning, Mr. Marc Vaillancourt, in a burst of genius, suggests to his son, Mr. Yves Vaillancourt, who is at that moment questioning his professional orientation, to come and visit a piece of land he found in Cookshire-Eaton. In Florida for more than 20 years, the son decides to follow his curiosity, picks up his luggage, and takes the first flight. Three more trips to Florida and Quebec followed before the agreement that would change their lives forever. In 2011, the duo embarked on a challenge that would have made many tremble, that of starting a full-time farming business! Indeed, the pair wasted no time in loosening the soil of the previously neglected land. After planting strawberries, they added two sections to their fields in 2013: raspberries and blueberries. With their hands full and their eyes brightened, Marc and Yves quickly improved their offer with the production of meats and vegetables. With great projects come great responsibilities, you might say! You bet! That's why the two men recently invited a third partner, Mrs. Nathalie Laplante, Mr. Yves Vaillancourt's wife, to join the front line to also put her thumb to the grindstone.


Today, at Les 3 Pouces Verts farm, in addition to offering you the warmth of their sincerity, the team will be pleased to provide you with the best of their culture. At this place, you will find fresh products in kiosks such as vegetables of the day, fresh brown eggs from their free-range hens, tasty honey from their friends the bees, hardy pork from their free-range farm, whole grain chickens (frozen) as well as fruits from their fields of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries.


You are invited to come and pick the fruit yourself or to buy it already picked. However, Mr. Yves Vaillancourt stresses the importance for visitors to call before any visit to ensure that the fields are ready and stocked. You can reach him at 819-919-1510.


With hindsight and a little more dust in his beard, Mr. Yves Vaillancourt believes that it is the luck of the timing that put him on the right track more than 10 years ago. It's never too late to reconsider the basics of your routine! When asked about the origin of the company's name, Mr. Yves Vaillancourt seemed to smile. Rationally, Mr. Yves Vaillancourt explained that the number three could symbolize the different triads present in their environment such as strawberries-raspberries-blueberries, fruits-vegetables-meats, or simply, the three ponds of the property. Truly, and originally, the number 3 was chosen for the possibility of a tri-generational father-son-grandson partnership. The latter, having other career aspirations at the time, still resides in Florida while the number three remains in honor of this heartfelt partnership that extends across borders.




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