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Unfortunately, for this summer, it will not be possible to come and pick cherries. The late and unexpected frost of the beginning of June has completely frozen the 2021 fruit production. We will have to wait until next summer before the next harvest. To support our producer through this difficult period, come directly to the Tribu-Terre boutique in Dudswell or place your order on Étoiles du Terroir to get their delectable honey in a 500g jar for $7.50! A small contribution that will make many happy!

We will meet again in the summer of 2022 for the usual season of picking your cherries from mid-July to mid-August in this peaceful place surrounded by forests.

In 2011, the plantation was born with its first 300 cherry trees. Year after year, the producer has expanded his orchard to include more than 1500 cherry trees. The company is still young and hopes to develop several other cherry transformation products in addition to its honey and its traditional U-pick.

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